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Electrical and electronic applications

GENESTAR™ is a low water absorption and heat-resistant polyamide resin, with excellent moldability, mechanical properties, and reflow resistance, used in various electronic components including SMT connectors. In addition to heat resistance, it has excellent electrical properties, sliding properties, and combustion characteristics. We stock various grades catering to the trend of the shapes of SMT connectors and electronic components towards thin walls and narrow pitch, according to the required performance.

Uses for Electrical and electronic applications

Automotive applications

A plastic as strong as metal that can be molded freely and contributes to vehicle weight savings. GENESTAR™ has superior long-term heat resistance, chemical resistance, water absorption and fuel barrier properties and is used in various automotive components such as sliding system, fuel system, and intake system. Its heat resistance enables it to be increasingly utilized not only in gears and bearings but also in plumbing and the intercooler tank, and it is also been recently considered for utilization in electric vehicles.

Uses for Automotive applications

LED applications

Heat resistance is required for materials for high-visibility LEDs which consume less power due to the high temperatures involved in the package manufacturing process. Furthermore, GENESTAR™ functions as a heat-resistant resin because when reflectors are used there is a requirement of discoloration resistance in the presence of heat and light. It is utilized in reflectors of LED light sources that are often found in LED lighting, LCD televisions, smartphones, and tablet.

Uses for LED applications