Electrical and electronic applications

GR2300Standard、V-0 flame-retardant

GR2300 is a grade with better fluidity and weld strength than GN2330-1, the V-0 flame-retardant standard.
(Glass content: 30%)


  • Standard

Application examples

Board-to-cable connector

Physical properties table

Units Test method Grade
Grade name GR2300
Type Standard、V-0 flame-retardant
Glass fiber content % 30

Basic physical properties

Specific gravity g/cm3 118A 1.57
Water absorption rate(23℃ in water, 24hrs) ISO 62 0.14
Flammability - UL94 V-0

Mechanical properties

Tensile strength Mpa ISO 527 175
Tensile elongation ISO 527 2.0
Flexural strength Mpa ISO 178 239
Flexural modulus Gpa ISO 178 10.8
Charpy impact Test (notched) KJ/m2 179/1eA 10.4

Molding (flow) properties

Bar flow length(320℃/0.5mmt/750kgf) mm - 65

Dimensional properties

Mold shrinkage (2mmt)
:in direction of flow
% ISO 294-4 0.2
:at right angles to flow % ISO 294-4 0.8
*Test condition: absolute dry condition
* "Halogen free" indicates less than 900-ppm Br, less than 900-ppm CI, and less than 1500-ppm total halogen content (BR, CI)
*These are standard values and are not specifications which guarantee performance.

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