Electrical and electronic applications


G1350H is a material that can be used in a wide range of electrical and electronic components requiring standard HB-grade applications.
(Glass content: 35%)

Application examples

In-vehicle connector

In-vehicle camera

Physical properties table

Units Test method Grade
Grade name G1350H
Type Standard、HB、Halogen-free
Glass fiber content % 35

Basic physical properties

Specific gravity - ISO 1183 1.37
Water absorption rate(23℃ in water, 24hrs) ISO 62 0.16
Flammability - UL94 HB

Mechanical properties

Tensile strength MPa ISO 527 167
Tensile elongation ISO 527 1.8
Flexural strength MPa ISO 178 238
Flexural modulus GPa ISO 178 10.2
Charpy impact Test (notched) kJ/m2 ISO 179/1eA 11.8

Molding (flow) properties

Bar flow length(320℃/0.5mmt/750kgf) mm - 53

Dimensional properties

Mold shrinkage (2mmt)
:in direction of flow
% ISO 294-4 0.2
:at right angles to flow % ISO 294-4 0.9
*Test condition: absolute dry condition
* "Halogen free" indicates less than 900-ppm Br, less than 900-ppm CI, and less than 1500-ppm total halogen content (BR, CI)
*These are standard values and are not specifications which guarantee performance.

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