Automotive applications

G1500AReinforced grade

These grades exhibit superior performance in terms of low water absorption, dimensional stability, heat resistance, and chemical resistance.


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Application examples

Intercooler tank

Physical properties table

Units Test method Grade
Grade name G1500A
Grade Reinforced grade
Glass fiber content % 50

Basic physical properties

Specific gravity g/cm3 118A 1.58
Water absorption rate(23℃ in water, 24hrs) % ISO 62 0.13

Mechanical properties

Tensile strength Mpa ISO 527 250
Tensile elongation % ISO 527 2.0
Flexural strength Mpa ISO 178 370
Flexural modulus Gpa ISO 178 15.3
Charpy impact Test(notched) KJ/m2 179/1eA 17

Thermal properties

Melting point 11357-3 300
Glass transition point 125
Deflection temperature under load(1.80Mpa) 75Af 275

Dimensional properties

Mold shrinkage(2mmt)
:in direction of flow
% ISO 294-4 0.2
:at right angles to flow % ISO 294-4 0.8


Limiting PV value kg/cm2・cm/sec JIS K7218-A 1050
Coefficient of dynamic friction P=10kgf/cm2 JIS K7218-A 0.30
Abrasion loss P=10kgf/cm2 mg JIS K7218-A 60
*The above data are the physical values measured at the absolute dry condition.
*The above data are values measured by our company and do not guarantee performance.

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