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LED applications

Heat resistance is required for materials for high-visibility LEDs which consume less power due to the high temperatures involved in the package manufacturing process. Furthermore, GENESTAR™ functions as a heat-resistant resin because when reflectors are used there is a requirement of discoloration resistance in the presence of heat and light. It is utilized in reflectors of LED light sources that are often found in LED lighting, LCD televisions, smartphones, and tablet.

Initial brightness / long-term heat resistance / light fastness

GENESTAR™ PA9T LED high brightness grades have high heat resistance,
GENESTAR™ PA9C has high UV resistance.
※Metal halide lamp 10mW/cm2 @120℃

LED package manufacturing process and performance requirements for reflectors


Injection molding

Repletion for microscopic shapes (side-view sidewall: less than
50 μmt), fluidity that can accommodate multiple cavities


Short-term heat resistance in the sealant curing process

Surface mount

Short-term heat resistance in the surface mounting process

Practical use

Long-term heat and light resistance

Standard conditions 150℃、2hrs 260℃、20sec 100℃、40,000hrs 460nm
LED light source