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Electrical and electronic applications

GENESTAR™ is a low water absorption and heat-resistant polyamide resin, with excellent moldability, mechanical properties, and reflow resistance, used in various electronic components including SMT connectors. In addition to heat resistance, it has excellent electrical properties, sliding properties, and combustion characteristics. We provide different grades that meet to the trend of the shapes of SMT connectors and electronic components like thin walls and narrow pitches according to the required performance.


PA9T does not form blisters easily.

POINT.2Dimensional stability

PA9T has superior dimensional stability for a polyamide.

Application examples

Various jack products

With superior mechanical strength and sliding properties, they are widely used in jack products involving frequent connecting and disconnecting.

FPC connector

It has excellent fluidity, strength(rigidity) and low warpage, and it can be used in thin-walled connectors.

Wire to board connector

Wire connectors which require high strength are a classic example of GENESTAR™ in use.

Camera module for smartphones

It has excellent appearance, dimensional stability, moldability, and strength. Contributes to dust reduction.

Memory & PCI socket

With a great balance of moldability, low warpage, and high strength, it is suitable for long products.

Various card connectors

With superior mechanical strength, low warpage, slidability, and strength, it has been widely used in card connectors.